The Colusi County Historical Society is a non-profit organization with tax exempt status dedicated to the preservation, documentation and dissemination of the history of Colusa, Glenn and Tehama counties which at one time were all part of Colusi County – one of twenty-seven original counties of California.

President:        Charles Yerxa(1994)   ColusaTE: 2026
Vice-President:Charles Martin(1997)  ChicoTE: 2024
Treasurer:Jim Lambert(2000)  WillowsTE: 2024
 Recording Secretary:Gail Locke(2015)  Red BluffTE: 2025
Membership Secretary:Anna Canon(2020)  OrlandTE: 2024
 Jerry Clark(1996)  WillowsTerm expires: 2024
Gene Russell(2002) OrlandTerm expires: 2026
 Leroy Prindle(2007)  Yuba CityTerm expires: 2025
Patsy Stile(2015) ChicoTerm expires: 2025
David Ballard(2019)  CarmichaelTerm expires: 2025
Care Johnson(2019) ColusaTerm expires: 2026
William Davis(2023) OrlandTerm expires: 2026
Benjamin Hughes(2024) Red BluffTerm expires: 2026
Alison Yerxa(2003) ColusaTerm expires: 2026

Article IV – CCHS Bylaws (excerpt)
Section 1. Board of Directors. There shall be up to fifteen (15) Directors with staggered three-year terms. Up to five (5) will expire each year. The term of office shall begin upon election by the membership and end three years later.

Section 2. Officers. Officers of the Society shall be President, Vice-President, Recording
Secretary, Membership Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers of the Society duly elected to these positions shall constitute the Society’s Executive Committee.