Upcoming Events

April Meeting and Luncheon

Stonyford Museum History and Tour

Saturday, April 13th at Noon

Stonyford Museum

239 Market Street, Stonyford, CA

The old town hall in Stonyford was restored in 2011 and now houses the museum. The museum had its grand opening on August 21, 2011.

–The Stonyford Museum Volunteer Committee is preparing a salad lunch, which will include a variety of salads, rolls, cookies, and refreshing beverages, which will be served at noon. Make your reservation by clicking the button below.

Joyce Bond, Stonyford Museum Director and Historian, will welcome the Colusi County Historical Society Members and introduce us to community members present.

Barbara Leach, Chairperson of the Stonyford Community Hall, will tell us about the history of the Stonyford area and the Stonyford Museum.

–The attendees will then tour inside the museum (which is ADA compliant.) The current display is memorabilia from Glenn County and Colusa County Schools. You will get to see the huge Colusa County 1885 map that has been encased in a wooden frame built by a museum volunteer.

–Outside we will get to hear the history of and see the new exhibit that Honors Veterans – Past and Present.

–After the tours, members may continue to a tour of the historic St. Mary of the Mountain Mission of the Diocese of Sacramento. It is located at 2nd and Geary Streets in Stonyford.


Tickets for the luncheon and meeting are available for purchase HERE!


Your photos of Glenn County or Colusa County can be scanned and added to the historical records. Here is what you need to do to have your photos scanned and digitally preserved for you and CCHS’s use.

  • Bring historical Glenn County or Colusa County photos
  • Have a shareable description available for each photo
  • Complete “permission to use” form
  • Know if you want a digital copy on a flash drive for $5
  • Get your photos scanned and returned at the meeting